Welcome to Be Braver

Be Braver is an experiential educational program for women and girls of all ages to build courage and compassion within themselves by doing adventurous and new things.

By rock-climbing, indoor sky-diving, jumping off high-dives and other uncommon adventures either solo or with your daughter, you will experience personal accomplishment while discovering we all can overcome our fears and enjoy the results of it.

What can you get from Be Braver?

As moms and mentors we want the best for our children. We want to expose them to opportunities to grow, have self-confidence and courage. Yet, as adults we often become more fearful of taking risks. Join us to feel empowered and strengthen bonds by doing new adventures together.

Some of our adventures

  • Diving

    Jumping off a high dive (3 meter)

  • Rock Climbing

    Auto Belay & Bouldering

  • Indoor Skydiving

    Fly in a Wind Tunnel

  • Improvisation

    Sing or tell a story on stage

  • Aerial Artss+Trapeze

    Solo Flying

  • Horse Jumping

    Trot, Canter & Small Jumps

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Be Braver Stories

At the end of each Be Braver day our courageous ones publish blog posts about their experiences. Stories coming soon!


    Age 6


    Age 9

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Why do this?

Here are 7 reasons

    1. Because your bucket list is long.
    2. Because you need more adventure in your life.
    3. Because you are getting too comfortable.
    4. Because you don't have time to plan these things.
    5. Because you will grow from these 
new experiences.
    6. Because some think you won't do these 
    7. Be your own hero, role model and teammate.

  • Do you dare?

    You can tell yourself you'll do this sometime, or you can sign up and commmit to do it now.

  • Zoom in

    In that moment of fear you will test yourself in ways that make you uncomfortably grow.

  • Be the change

    Sharing your stories will spark desire in those around you to have the confidence you now have.

Planning is in progress for upcoming events!

Check out photos from our September event - Indoor Rock Climbing!

Check out photos from our August event - The High Dive!

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